Where is SORCe located?

SORCe is located on the City Hall LRT Westbound platform (doors opened on June 18, 2013 at noon).

What are the hours of SORCe?

As a start…SORCe will be open from Monday to Friday from 8:30am –4:30pm.  SORCe is aligning with most agencies that offer programs/services during these hours.

Who is involved in the development of SORCe?

SORCe is being developed under the guidance of a Community Leadership Group (CLG) comprised of the United Way, Calgary Homeless Foundation, Alpha House, Drop-In Centre, The Alex, Neighbourlink, Chief Crown Prosecutor, Chief Probation Officer, Bylaw Services, City of Calgary Community & Neighbourhood Services, Alberta Health Services and the Calgary Police Service.

How is SORCe staffed?

A number of agencies have committed their staff members to work out of SORCe..for more information as to who will be there see the 'Agencies @ SORCe' page.

Who are vulnerable people?

Youth and adults with mental health and addiction vulnerabilities, are homeless, at risk of homelessness, have disproportionate interactions with the justice/health systems and/or live in poverty.

What kind of opportunities can they access at SORCe?

Initial assessment, information, onsite services (see 'Agencies @ SORCe' page), referrals to existing services/programming, and transportation as required. The core services accessed through SORCe include: housing, mental health and addiction treatment and employment/training.

Who provides the services/opportunities?

SORCe acts as a referral point to existing programs/services offered by agencies in the community.

Do you have to be a vulnerable person to access these resources?

No..SORCe is open to the entire community with a focus on supporting vulnerable people.

How is SORCe funded?

SORCe is not externally funded at this point - the initiative is a grassroots community collaborative intended to create efficiencies among service providers with existing resources in a hosted space.  The entire space is being renovated at no cost by the Calgary Police Service which is supplying materials, labour and project management.

Can I donate to SORCe?

If you’re interested in donating to SORCe please consider designating contributions to the United Way at this time.

Do we really need another social agency when there are already so many?

SORCe is not a social agency - it is a referral point and a collaborative community initiative that seeks to connect people to existing services and supports in the community.

Is SORCe taking away clients from agencies?

No.  SORCe is intended to be an access point for people who are not aware of all of the great services offered in Calgary.  When people attend SORCe their needs will be assessed and they will be connected to existing services and supports in the community.

 Is SORCe duplicating services offered by 211?

No.  The information supporting 211 is provided through Inform Calgary (a city owned database) and SORCe will utilize the same information for those people who walk into its location.

Who owns the space?

SORCe is located in a city owned property.

How is SORCe related to diversion?

From the community perspective SORCe is a collaborative effort to coordinate existing services to ensure that people are provided with supports that they might not be aware of.  From a Calgary Police Service/Bylaw/Transit perspective SORCe provides an innovative approach to divert vulnerable people from entering the justice system.